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AACR New Horizons in Cancer Research Poster on Hypoxia Induced Signalling in Cancer Metabolism

Luxcel Biosciences is excited to present the newest MetaCell poster entitled “The importance of cellular oxygenation measurements in the analysis of hypoxia-induced signalling and related metabolic adaptation” at the AACR: New Horizons for Cancer Research Meeting in Shanghai, China. Conducted in collaboration with Dr. Karl Morten’s team from University of Oxford, one of the world’s top oncology labs, the innovative research exposes the effects of intracellular oxygen conditions on cancer metabolism.

The poster displays the importance of creating physiologically relevant oxygen conditions for in vitro research by showing cellular results at various oxygen concentrations, reiterating the importance of our Ischemia Reperfusion Model. The integrated plate reader/ reagent model focuses on the results achievable with the MitoXpress® Intra Intracellular Oxygen Assay in combination with BMG LABTECH’s CLARIOStar® with ACU


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