pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Assay

pH-XtraTM Glycolysis Assay

Luxcel Biosciences’ pH-XtraTM Glycolysis Assay enables researchers to conveniently assess glycolytic rates for metabolic characterisation and determine how specific interventions, such as nutrient deprivation, hypoxia, drug treatment or genetic manipulation, impact glycolytic flux.

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pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Assay User Manual

User Manual

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pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Assay Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Safety Data Sheet

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Observe Glycolysis in Live Cells - in Real-Time

pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Assay

Figure 2: Extracellular Acidification Rate (ECAR) measured with the pH-Xtra™ is a reliable and established indicator for glycolytic activity in cells, without the necessity of additional experiments to correct for CO2 derived acidification.

Extend the pH-Xtra™ Glycolysis Assay with the new pH-Xtra™ Stress Test to measure glycolytic flux under stress conditions. Both assay kits are available individually or together as a combination kit for convenience.